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Carrying on the tradition with
Brendan McKian
on Vocals

Johnny Vatos
Oingo Boingo Former Members

Oingo Boingo Former Members features former members of the legendary new wave group Oingo Boingo, performing hits like Dead Man’s Party, Weird Science, We Close Our Eyes,Only a Lad, Just Another Day, Stay, Out Of Control, Who Do You Want To Be, Gratitude, Private Life, and many more.

Original Members you remember well
and new members round it out

Original '80s and '90s era Oingo Boingo members Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez, Sam "Sluggo" Phipps, Carl Graves, and on occasion Steve Bartek, John Avila, and Doug Legacy are joined by Brendan McCreary (vocals), Mike Glendinning (guitar), Freddy Hernandez (bass), Brian Swartz (trumpet), and Felice Hernandez (backing vocals) to form Oingo Boingo Former Members. This powerhouse group has been performing and selling out venues in California since 2005, including the iconic Greek Theatre.

"The Best Oingo Boingo Band
til Hell freezes over - Richard Blade

With a loyal West Coast following, Oingo Boingo was even honored by the city of Los Angeles when the City Council designated April 20, 2016 as offcial "Oingo Boingo Day" in Los Angeles, CA. Richard Blade of KROQ 106.7 and SiriusXM lst Wave fame was also in attendance and says that Oingo Boingo Former Members remains, "the best Oingo Boingo band until Hell freezes over."

Non-Stop Oingo Boingo
Just as the name implies

If you want to dance, if you want to live in nostalgia, if you want some high energy music that will keep your feet moving, we'll see you at the next Oingo Boingo Former Members concert!

There's always Something Special
About Halloween.

The witching month seems to be quite busy for this band, but join the thousands in saying "Oingo Boingo Former Members" is the band for all seasons!

Check out our friends and over at Combat Radio, and hear Johnny Vatos and Steve Bartek interviews.

Awesome, fashionable & you'll be the ENVY of all your friends!

Oingo Boingo Former Members
Band Lineup

Some old, some new Never Dull. We'll make you Party!

  • Johnny Vatos Hernandez

Johnny " Vatos" Hernandez
Drums / Jefe

  • Sam Sluggo Phipps

Sam "Sluggo" Phipps

  • Carl Graves

Carl Graves
Keyboards / Vox

  • Steve Bartek

Steve Bartek

  • Brendan McKian

Brendan McKian

  • John Avila

John Avila
Bass Guitar

  • Frederick Hernandez

Freddie Hernandez
Bass Guitar

  • Brian Swartz

Brian Swartz

  • Mike The Spike

Mike "The Spike" Glendinning
Rhythm Guitar/Vox

Boingo Dance Party Vol. 1

The CD is here! Recordings of original hits done Boingo Dance Party stylee!

Tracks include Dead Man's Party, Little Girls, Only a Lad, Stay, We Close Our Eyes, and new original track, Get Your Head Outcha Ass. Featuring guest performers Steve Bartek, and John Avila! Updated, in your face, and all new sounds from the ones who made Oingo Boingo to you first.

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New Wave Bar
Canyon Club

"The best Oingo Boingo band on the planet till hell freezes over!

Richard Blade - Former KROQ DJ

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Halloween is looking scary fun! We'll be all over Nevada, California and Arizona. See you there!

Lost 80's Festival

Las Vegas, NV
Sat Sept 7 2019

Oingo Boingo Former Members /The Tubes/

Saratoga, CA
Sat Sept 28 2019

The Canyon

Montclair, CA
Fri Oct 11 2019

The Canyon

Santa Clarita, CA
Sat Oct 12th 2019

The Rose

Montclair, CA
Fri Oct 18th 2019

The Canyon

Agoura Hills, CA
Sat Oct 19th 2019

Humphrey's by the Bay

San Diego, CA
Sat Oct 26th 2019

The Saban Theater

Beverly Hills, CA
Thur Oct 31th 2019

The Coach House

Fri Nov 1st 2019

Celebrity Theater

Phoenix, AZ
Sat Nov 2 2019

Fox Tucson Theater

Tucson, AZ
Sun Nov 3 2019

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